Events & Presentations 2016-2017

This tab includes all activities and events outside of our Robotics Competitions. They include community service, our presentations, mentoring of other schools, companies that we visit, etc.  As always we are very excited to help in any way we can to introduce what we do as a team and to our main goals.  We work very hard at our community helping in any way we can to make our world better.  It looks like every year we get more involved and we love seeing that every year we grow in numbers of robotics teams at every level of school.  Just for example this school year we helped brought over 30 of our district robotics team to the FLL competition “Animal Allies”.  We talk to UTEP for a couple of years and we finally made it happen.  We have helped with presentations to the teachers to inform them about this competition and now we are mentoring our feeder patter elementary and middle school to help them with this exciting competition.  Our district competition will be held on January 7, 2017 at Pebble Hills HS and from this competition 10 teams will advance to the UTEP competition that will be held January 21, 2017.  We also love that finally robotics is UIL in Texas and we look forward to seeing more schools involved in our community.


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