Community Outreach

The RoboAzTechs main mission as a robotics team in our area is to inspire people to form robotics teams as students, coaches, teachers, mentors, etc.  In any way that can give an opportunity to younger generations to experience STEM in any form.  Our team does this through robotics since we all share the same passion of loving robotics and engineering.  Here we have a list of all the things we are doing for our community and we are always available to help in any way we can to inspire younger generations to pursue STEM degrees.


  • Summer Camps-Inspire students by introducing them into engineering through robotics


  • School Presentations-Presentations from kindergarten to 6th grade at career days, elementary and middle schools mentoring them for their robotics competitions and presenting our engineering PLTW program to middle schools.



  • Open House-Presenting our PLTW engineering program and robotics to our community.


  • Mentoring-We mentor our district elementary and middle schools for their robotics competitions.


  • Region 19 STEAM Fiesta 3.0

For a full view of all of our activities you can visit our tab Team then go to  Events & Presentations and you will see all the activities that the team does outside of our competitions.  We believe that is our job to inspire all of our community to see the importance robotics plays in transforming students for college readiness.  Robotics has giving us the opportunity to showcase what we love to do and try to pass that on to the whole community.