RoboAztechs @ Jardin de Milagros

Jardín de Milagros 



“Jardín de Milagros (JdM) is an outreach ministry designed to furnish healthy, garden fresh vegetables to those who do not have enough to eat.  The garden operates in conjunction with and in support of Kelly Memorial Food Pantry (KMFP).  Kelly Memorial Food Pantry distributes in excess of 1 million pounds annually of food to hungry, food insecure people in El Paso and gets most of its food from El Pasoans Fighting Hunger food bank in El Paso. Jardín de Milagros produce is the fresh vegetable component not available from the food bank.”



The RoboAztechs visited the Jardin de Milagros in order to learn more about agricultural circumstances and challenges, in order to further understand there competition, Bet The Farm, which is based solely around farming. A few challenges that they told us about was using less water, how to grow more food in less space, and pesticide usage.

It was a great experience for us to visit this farm, we learned where our goods come from, and what people do to keep there crops alive. Thank you to Jerald and Susie Hoboson!