BEST 2014-2015 Bladerunner

Challenge: Blade Runner

blade runnerCactus






Objective: Create a vehicle that can transport and assemble turbine parts across a bridge or a broken road.

Blade runner is a competition in which a team has to create a vehicle that can transport parts for a windmill across a bridge or a broken road and then assemble the parts. BEST Robotics is searching for innovative corporations to develop and build a prototype vehicle to participate in a competition and win a contract  with an emerging national wind energy company. The objectives of the competition are divided into 5 tasks:

1) Logistics which consist of acquiring an OSOW permit and relocating prairie chickens.

2) Transportation of components which include 3 large blades, one small turbine nacelle and one small turbine hub/blade assembly.

3) Assembly of  two turbines, one small and one large turbine.

4) Upright positioning of both wind turbines.

5) Expanding/Installing the turbine blades in expanded position.

The competition will be held at New Mexico State University (NMSU) October 18th , 2014.