BEST Pay Dirt 2015-2016

Challenge: Pay Dirt



Design and build a prototype robot to repair and operate an underground mine during a three-minute match. A robot can score points by doing two things:

(a) Repairing the mine

(b) Extracting materials from the mine

The BEST Inc. Mining Division has purchased a mine that contains several valuable resources in record-shattering concentrations – but there’s a problem: The mine is far too dangerous for humans. Consequently, the mine was decommissioned years ago and has since fallen into disrepair. Initial evaluations of the mine have revealed five lucrative materials at various depths beneath the surface: Coal, Iron, Aluminum, Copper, and Lithium.

*The “market shift” twist:

The twist to this competition is that the “market shift” gets involved and is more noticeable as the rounds progress. Points for a specific material can either increase or decrease depending how many units of that material were mined the previous round.