FTC 2013-2014 Block Party

FTC 2013-2014

Challenge: Block Party

The object of the Game is to attain a higher Score than the opposing Alliance by placing Blocks in various Goals on the Pendulum or Floor Scoring Areas. The Game is played in two distinct periods: Autonomous and Driver-Controlled.

Matches are made up of three periods totaling 2.5 minutes. Prior to the start of the match, Drive teams have to perform some basic Robot setup steps. Then there is a 30-second Autonomous Period, followed by a 2-minute Driver-Controlled Period. The last 30 seconds of the Driver-Controlled Period is called the End Game. At the end of the match, the Referees will fill out the score sheets and then signal the Teams to collect their robots and leave the competition area. Each Team will receive an Alliance-colored Robot identification Flag from Field personnel; this Flag must be mounted on the robot as defined in the robot rules.



(Game Manual-Part-2)

(Field Build Guide)