VRC 2015-2016 Nothing But Net

Challenge: Nothing But Net



The main challenge of the VEX Robotics Competition will be played in a tournament format. Each tournament will include Practice, Qualifying, and Elimination Matches. After the Qualifying Matches, teams will be ranked based on their performance. The top teams will then participate in the Elimination Matches to determine the tournament champions.

Matches are played on a field set up as illustrated in the figures below. Two Alliances – one “red” and one “blue” – composed of two teams each, compete in each Match. The object of the game is to attain a higher score than the opposing Alliance by Scoring your Balls and Bonus Balls in your Low and High Goals, and by Elevating Robots in your Climbing Zone.



The VEX manual for 2015-2016 along with additional resources including the field specifications can be found here