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Click here to open the webpage that has the EV3 Software download information


This next link has all the different things you can download from the LEGO website.  If you download EV3 software it won’t have any of the sensors included.  For example if you download the program and you don’t see the ultrasonic sensor block in the software is because you need to download them and install them.  It also has the files needed to download the program for the NXT bricks.  The link also has updated firmware software for the bricks.  Always update your brick with the latest firmware as they become released.  Remember that updates to firmware on the bricks means that they fix problems the bricks may have and getting the latest update on the firmware means the brick will function better.

This link has everything including:

  • The Mindstors EV3 programming software
  • Robot Commander App
  • Building robot instructions
  • EV3 Mindstorms Firmware Download
  • EV3 Software Block Download
  • NXT Software Download (Old LEGO Brick)
  • Wallpapers
  • Etc.

Click here to open webpage with all these information