Robocom 2.0 Ramps & Blind Spot

The ramps and the blind spot together with the build and design of the remote control field was designed by students from Americas High School.

Here is the setup for the beginning of the Remote Control Field. Here are some photos of how we will setup the field at the beginning of each competition. The biggest wall of the ramp/blind side will be attached already and students only need to install the other 4 pieces onto the field.  It was updated on 1-28-2016


20160127_112006[1]    20160127_112016[1] 20160127_112028[1]



The following is a list of all the parts for the blind spot with the ramps.  It specifies the measurements to be able to manufacture extra parts if needed.

Blind Spot Parts

Blind Spot

Field Assembly B 2015-16

Field Assembly B 2015-16-1