Robocom 2.0 Moving Road/Bridge


Here is the information to build the moving road/bridge for the Robocom 2.0
Here you will find the information about the parts needed and the program. Everything
was updates on 1-27-16.

Item Part Number QTY Stock Number Description REV
1 Base Plate 2 A foundation for a variety of robotics applications.
2 Rack Gear 12 Can be used to turn rotary motion into linear motion.
3 linear slide 1 14
4 C-Channel 1x5x25 6 Excellent strength and twist resistance.
5 1×25 2 VEX bar with holes on 0.500″ increments.
6 Bar 1×5 2 VEX bar with holes on 0.500″ increments.
7 276-1209 16 Mounts directly on a piece of VEX structure and supports a shaft.
8 linear slide 2 3
9 Bearing Flat, Delrin 8 Used in mechanics and electronics to separate two parts from one another.
10 High Strength 12-tooth Gear 2 All metal gear for high strength.
11 3 in drive shaft 2 Works with motors, wheels, gears, and bearings.
12 Spacer, 0.190” 2 Used to create a space between two objects, often to properly position them.
13 Shaft Collar 2 Lock to drive shafts, keeping wheels and gears from sliding along the shaft.
14 Motor 393 2 60% more output power than the standard motor.