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Ten Reasons Why Volunteering Rocks!


The RoboAzTechs team is very unique since we compete in the most important robotics competitions of the country.  Robotics is a year round activity in our school and we are always in need of volunteers.  Here are ten reasons in descending order of what can robotics benefit you!!!

#10: It is a great excuse to play with robots!

For all those adults who are still kids at heart, this program is for you. In robotics, we embrace our geekiness and share our excitement over gadgets and technology. Still recall your LEGOs, erector sets, and blocks fondly? This is the place for you, too.


#9: It’s a chance to use some of the knowledge locked up in your brain.

Mentoring young people is important work for the young people, but also puts some of that knowledge and experience of adults to use! Whether you are a writer, planner, scientist, engineer, cheerleader, organizer, or leader, your skills are needed!


#8: It’s an opportunity to learn something new.

Everyone learns with robotics teams, volunteers, parents, and coaches. There’s no chance you’ll be bored if you are open to the possibilities. The only real danger is that you’ll become addicted.


#7: The challenge.

It’s not always easy. There are long days, disappointed teams, tears, and failures. But these moments bring everyone together to find creative solutions. The hard work is always rewarded tenfold.



#6: The energy and excitement of the kids.

They make you feel young again. Their dedication and tireless effort is inspiring. It’s contagious!


#5: For the love and importance of STEM.

Robotics brings science, technology, engineering, and math to life for young people. Students get exposed to CAD, 3-D printing, programming, app design, engineering design, and construction. It’s accessible, relevant, and hands-on learning at its best.


#4: It’s life-changing.

The relationships you build, the experiences you have, the travel, the learning – the impact is all-inclusive and far-reaching. There will be little moments and big moments, but at the end of it all, you’ll have had an amazing journey.


#3: It is a great place to make friends and meet people who believe that science and technology are important to our future.

Robotics is an incredible and welcoming community. Many people call it a family. Everyone has an opportunity to contribute to a team. And the Robotics community emphasizes Gracious Professionalism: doing your best while helping others.


#2: For the kids.

Robotics help restore your faith that there are a lot of good, smart kids out there that just need a chance to shine. Volunteers help them have new opportunities to see their own potential. Adult role model and help students find their own passions, be inspired, and have fun. Then there’s that moment when their eyes light up because they finally got their robot working. Yeah, for that.



#1: It’s Fun!

Dancing, boundless energy, enthusiasm, laughter, challenge, support, silliness, dancing, mascots, learning, costumes, competition, coopertition, and did we mention the dancing?


Whether you volunteer a few hours or a few years, whether it is as a Mentor or Event Volunteer, Robotics team rely on the amazing volunteers who make each day of the program happen. Thank you, thank you, thank you!