Aurea Hernandez

  Hi my name is Aurea Hernandez and I’m a senior. I decided to join the RoboAzTechs because I’ve always had an interest in aerospace engineering. I wanted to explore more possibilities in engineering and learn as much as I can before college. I also love to work in teams to become another family. In […]

Julio Alvarado

My name is Julio Alvarado. I am a sophomore at El Dorado High School. I joined robotics because I enjoy technology and want to learn the most I can before I leave high school. Some of my hobbies consist of playing Clash Royale and helping the robotics team with events that often involve the community. […]

Michelle Diaz

Programming Hi, my name is Michelle Diaz de Leon and I am currently a sophomore. I decided to join robotics because I used to be in a robotics team when I was younger, and I really enjoyed it. Also because I want to be either a software or a mechanical engineer when I’m older and […]

Hector Duran

Programming Hi my name is Hector Duran and I’m a sophomore. I decided to join robotics  because I wanted to learn the process of programming so I can become a software engineer or something the relates with STEM. Some of my hobbies are soccer or spending time with my friends, most likely on Facebook

Bryan Muela

Website Design Developer I’m Bryan and I am a senior here at El Dorado High School. I first started my interest in robotics on my freshman year at El Dorado 9th grade Academy (now known as Pebble Hills High School). I’m happy being here in robotics because everyone in the team shares common interests and […]

Candy Leyva

Scouting, Engineering Notebook, Team Spirit My name is Candy Leyva. I’m a Junior who enjoys discovering new things. I joined Robotics in order to be able to further develop my knowledge about the engineering field. Having the opportunity to learn from my fellow teammates is something that I look forward to this year. I hope […]

Brian Hernandez

Engineer, Programmer Greetings, my name is Brian Raul Hernandez. I am a senior at El Dorado High School. I decided to join robotics because I really enjoy working as a team and seeing how everyone can contribute something small into making something much bigger than that. I have been in the Project Lead The Way […]

Joel Cardoso

Engineer, Programmer Hi, my name is Joel Cardoso and I am a junior at El Dorado High School. I joined Robotics to learn skills that will be useful for me in the future. I have always been interested in the way a mechanism worked. I am currently still deciding whether to major in architectural design […]

Diego Sanchez

Website Chairman, Engineer, & Programmer My name is Diego, I’m a Freshman at El Dorado High School. I joined the Robotics team to apply what I learn in my PLTW classes somewhere, physically. I like Robotics a lot, since it gives you somewhere to apply your knowledge and create something innovative. In the future, I […]

David Güereca

Engineering Chairman My name is David F. Guereca B. and I am a senior. I am in robotics because, it is fun, has a good environment, and most of all it is challenging. Robotics is not only a fun club, but also a club that will help me for my future, because of all the […]