Julio Alvarado

My name is Julio Alvarado. I am a sophomore at El Dorado High School. I joined robotics because I enjoy technology and want to learn the most I can before I leave high school. Some of my hobbies consist of playing Clash Royale and helping the robotics team with events that often involve the community. […]

Brian Hernandez

Engineer, Programmer Greetings, my name is Brian Raul Hernandez. I am a senior at El Dorado High School. I decided to join robotics because I really enjoy working as a team and seeing how everyone can contribute something small into making something much bigger than that. I have been in the Project Lead The Way […]

Joel Cardoso

Engineer, Programmer Hi, my name is Joel Cardoso and I am a junior at El Dorado High School. I joined Robotics to learn skills that will be useful for me in the future. I have always been interested in the way a mechanism worked. I am currently still deciding whether to major in architectural design […]

Diego Sanchez

Website Chairman, Engineer, & Programmer My name is Diego, I’m a Freshman at El Dorado High School. I joined the Robotics team to apply what I learn in my PLTW classes somewhere, physically. I like Robotics a lot, since it gives you somewhere to apply your knowledge and create something innovative. In the future, I […]

Amanda Borgaro

Marketing/Financing Chairman My name is Amanda Borgaro and i am currently a Senior. I like to spend my time learning different things and challenging myself which is why i chose to join robotics. In robotics im able to apply all my learning hands on in the classroom. Being able to work hard as a team […]

Luis Duran

Engineer My name is Luis Duran and I’m a junior.  My hobbies are playing guitar, writing music, and robotics. I joined the team in order to better myself by learning how to program and engineering skills. I like robotics because it gives me a way to apply my knowledge and creativity together into making something […]

Andres Marrufo

Vice President, Engineer, Marketing, & Safety My name is Andres Marrufo. I am a senior at El Dorado HS, I decided to join the robotics team because I wanted to change the future, inspire, and mostly work with my hands. I enjoy working with cars, small combustion engines, learning hands on and being able to […]

Rovertho Blanco

Engineer My name is Rovertho Blanco and I am a junior. It is my second year in robotics and so far, it has been a great experience. Robotics had given me experiences such as going to a world championship. This will also help me reach my goal of becoming a mechanical engineer. Robotics is a […]

Alexa Hernandez

Engineering Notebook & Engineer My name is Alexa Hernandez, I’m 15 years old and am currently sophomore. This is my second year in robotics and I joined because it has always interested me and after joining I realized I really like it. It has taught me many things and I hope to learn more with […]

Felipe Carlos

Programming Chairman & Engineer My name is Felipe Carlos Hinojoza. I am a senior at El Dorado HS, and I decided to join robotics because I enjoy puzzles, and robotics is an interesting challenge. I like to play guitar and create robots. In the future I would like to pursue a career in Computer Science, […]