Aurea Hernandez

  Hi my name is Aurea Hernandez and I’m a senior. I decided to join the RoboAzTechs because I’ve always had an interest in aerospace engineering. I wanted to explore more possibilities in engineering and learn as much as I can before college. I also love to work in teams to become another family. In […]

Candy Leyva

Scouting, Engineering Notebook, Team Spirit My name is Candy Leyva. I’m a Junior who enjoys discovering new things. I joined Robotics in order to be able to further develop my knowledge about the engineering field. Having the opportunity to learn from my fellow teammates is something that I look forward to this year. I hope […]

Mariana Sigala

President Hi, my name is Mariana Sigala and I am currently a senior. Before I joined robotics I thought it was just about robots and building, which I thought was interesting, but after I joined I learned about how much fun and amazing robotics actually is. Now robotics has become something I would like to […]