Design and Manufacturing Process

I.    Understanding
      •    Agree who the audience is
      •    Determine what will make the project successful
      •    Understand the problem

II.    Research
      •    Engineering presents the problem to all departments for understanding
      •    Different backgrounds bring fresh prospections
      •    Innovation drives differentiation
      •    Become experts  

III.    Ideation
      •    All departments brainstorm ideas
      •    Think outside the box – encourage wild ideas
      •    Iterate ideas as you go
      •    Teamwork – suspension of judgment
      •    Think with your hands
      •    No ideas are rejected

IV.    Prototype
      •    Engineering, sketch, material
      •    Create multiple drafts
      •    Combine, expand, and refine ideas

V.    Test
      •    Learn what works and what doesn’t work
      •    Set aside emotion and ownership of ideas
      •    Remember: the most practical solution isn’t always the best

VI.    Implement
      •    Plan tasks
      •    Assign tasks
      •    Deliver to client

VII.    Learn
      •    Design thinking framework for multidisciplinary.