RoboAzTechs, Inc. Employees

The RoboAzTechs, Inc. family is composed of the following employees that make this great company successful!


The Members of each department can be found here.

We have a total of seven departments, and a Director, President, and Vice President.

Our President, and Vice President’s job is to oversee and make sure that none of our departments are off task, and to help out various departments when prompted to. Our Presidents are Mariana Sigala, the President, and Andres Maruffo, the Vice President.

Engineering Department: Their job is to Design Prototypes, make the final design for the robot, and to tell the Programmers how and what the robot should do.

Programming Department: Their job is to make the robot come alive by programming the mechanisms of the robot.

Engineering Notebook Department: Their job is to write the Notebook for the competition, and keep track of anything that is going on, to store it in the notebook.

Marketing Department: Their job is to find sponsors, raise funds, and to keep track of our funds.

Saftey Department: They make sure the working environment is safe for everyone, and they train people to use various tools.

Team Spirit: Their job is to make the workplace fun and engaging. They also create posters, buttons, and anything related to art for the team.

Website Development: They make sure the website is up to date, and user friendly.