Here you will find a list of all the tools we currently have in our shop


Primary Objective: To ensure the safety of all individuals while providing a safe and organized work environment to allow students for an enhanced learning experience. Show students the names and photos of all the equipment in the robotics room.

Student Training

Students were trained in the workings of individualist tools and given the proper procedures to keep accidents at a minimum while also having a preventative thought process incorporated. Protective wear was also introduced into the lesson plans. The Primary tools that we use pertain to Power tools but are not limited to. Tools that were specified and made sure of for proper safety are listed below. New students are pair up with a student with prior knowledge when working power tools for the first time to ensure safety of all students.

Drill Press Safety Goggles Hand Saw Bench Grinder
Chop Saw Cordless Drill Folding Utility Knife Nails & Stapler
Band Saw Jig Saw Grinder Solder
Miter Saw Vice Table Saw  Bending Break