Team Rules


The responsibility of safety lies with each and every member of the EDHS Robotics  Team.  Each team member is required to abide by safety rules at all times.  It is important  to maintain a positive image to our community, sponsors and FRC, FTC, BEST and VRC and this begins with SAFETY.

Important safety rules include (but are not limited to):

  • No open toe shoes, “Crocs”, etc.  Shoes provide important protection in case of dropped tools or materials.
  • No loose fitting clothing, dangling jewelry, or other items that present an entanglement hazard around equipment.
  • No “horsing around”.  Work with tools and machines does not mix with practical jokes or foolish behavior.
  • No personal electronics with earphones-you need to be able to hear warnings or instructions from the mentors and other students.
  • Always disable the robot’s kill switch or remove the battery before undertaking repairs or modifications.
  • Use common sense.  Be aware of what is going on around you.

Tool Usage

The use of power tools is a necessity for most members of the team.  You can only use the tools if you have received the appropriate training with the guidance and approval of the Safety department.

Cell Phones and PDAs

Cell phone usage during meetings should only be for serious purposes related to the robotics team.  During build sessions students should not be texting, talking on the phone socially, playing games, or other activities not related to robotics.  If a student has a down time waiting for some other students to finish a task before you can proceed, they should either work on related activities like fund raising, organizing the workshop, etc. or homework.  If necessary sponsors will ask students to place their electronic devices in a secured locked place for the team meetings to minimize distractions and maximize productivity.


Each student member as a young adult is expected to be respectful with all team members as well as other individuals that the team comes in contact with.  Professionalism is expected from everyone in the team at all times.  Even students not on the team must adhere to the rules in order to participate.

Uniforms for Competition

Students will receive shirts and are expected to wear them to all competitions, scrimmages, and outreach events, as well as team pictures.  Please at all times during our activities show off our shirts since they represent our team by not wearing them below other clothing.  Other aspects of dress tournaments should be appropriate, neat, and modest, and should adhere to workshop rules( no open toe shoes, no long dangling jewelry, etc.)

Student Involvement

The Robotics team at EDHS is a challenging activity that goes well beyond a typical high school club.  There is a tremendous amount of information to learn and many skills our team members must quickly acquire.  We are competing at the highest levels in state competitions, and in the process of competing against the top teams in the world, an honor that only a small percentage of teams achieve.  For this reason, significant commitment is required from our students.  Just showing up to the meetings in not enough to create a successful team at this level of competition.  Students needs to have an excellent attendance record at build meetings and competitions, but more than that, they must strive to achieve real results at each meeting, and constantly explore ways to improve the robot and the team in a proactive manner.

Food and Drinks

Because of the long hours during build season reasonable food and drink consumption is allowable in the work area, but cleanup is the responsibility of each student and food or drinks should not be consumed near machinery, computers or other places where it may represent a hazard.


Transportation to and from meetings is the responsibility of the individual student.  Robot team meetings are held both after school and on the weekends.  Students must ensure their parents arrive to pick them up on time when meetings end.  Because no mentor may ever be alone with one single student, it may be necessary on some occasions for a parent who is picking up the second to the last student to remain on the grounds till the last student’s parent arrives.  Transportation by bus to competitions and scrimmages will normally be provided by SISD, however in some cases a nominal transportation may be charged, depending on budget considerations.

Disciplinary Actions

Violation to the rules of conduct , safety rule violations, or other inappropriate activity may result in suspension or even ejection from the EDHS Robotics Team, at the discretion of the mentors and in consultation with the faculty advisors  on a cases by case basis.

Email List

It is important for both students and parents to be on the teams email list to facilitate communication.  The email list is used to inform team members of build session schedules, competitions, scrimmages, and other important information.


So far each member of the team does not have to pay an activity fee at the start of the season and we hope we can on getting enough funds to keep our robotics team free of charge to join.  There may be nominal charges for busing to some events in case there is not enough funds at SISD.  In the event the team qualifies for Regional or World Championship the students are responsible for travel, food, and lodging expenses in connections with the event unless we receive money from a grant or there is enough money in our teams account.  The teams does several activities to fund raise money for our competitions and every students needs to help in all the activities the team does.  Sell at the concession stand in the football games, sell boxes of chocolates, present to possible sponsors, etc.

Parent Involvement

Parents are invited to visit any build season, outreach event, or competition to observe the activities of the EDHS robotics team at any time.  Parent who wish to take a more active role in the team, which would bring them in closer contact with students besides their own, must satisfy several clearance requirements, including a training session and submission of information and finger prints for background checks.

Health Information

If any student has any health issue that the mentors should be aware of it should be brought to their attention by the student’s parents.