CNC Benchmill 6000

Here is a page with basically links to the webpage of chris and jim which are two teachers for the PLTW CIM Class. Chris Hurd is a CIM Educator in Cazenovia HS and Jim Hanson is a CIM Educator in Walker Career Center in Indianapolis. They created this amazing webpage that has helped our RoboAzTechs wonders to learn to use our mill machines. We will make references to our getting started videos but we welcomed everyone to visit their amazing webpage at

This video shows how to create an Inventor part that will later be imported to be used in EdgeCAM so we can create the G&M code so later it can be milled.

How To: CIM-Inventor Part for EdgeCAM HD by:Chris Hurd

This video is great to learn how to used EdgeCAM from loading the file from inventor to creating its features. After going over the 3 different features used in this part you will have learned about which tools to use and how to set them up. At last it shows how to create the G&M Code so we can mill our part.

How to:CIM – Intro To EdgeCAM HD by:Chris Hurd

This other video shows how to use cnc motion to simulate the benchmill cnc 6000. It uses a piece of stock and it goes line by line of g&m code to create a figure that looks like an envelope.

Tutorial for BenchMill 6000 with CNC motion 1 by:Intelitek

This video now shows the machining of the part that we have been working on the past videos.

How to: CIM-Machining the Flange HD by: Chris Hurd