BEST Resources


Our team has put together information for the BEST competition that includes:

  • Programming for EasyC, RobotC and Simulink.
  • Specifications of the Large, Small motors and Servos
  • Tutorials on how to manufacture wood wheels, gears and pulleys.
  • Tutorials on how to work with PVC, aluminum bending, etc.

We have compiled resources that we have found over the past 5 years on items that can help your team manufacture parts, programming the robot, datasheets on the motors and servos, etc.  We love to share this information to make it easier for teams to find resources and concentrate and continue to compete in the BEST robotics competition.

Just click on the top of the page on Technical Resources under BEST Resources.

If you go to the VEX resources you will find more information that includes:

  • CORTEX Microcontroller
  • VEXnet Joystick
  • Troubleshooting Information
  • EasyC programming

As always our team is here to help anyone with the BEST competition.  We invite teams to our robotics room to practice in our field since every year we built one to prepare better for the competition.  We like to share information with other teams about the competition to make your participation as smooth as possible and to continue seeing you at the competitions.  Good luck to all participating teams!!!!


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