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What is Robotc?

Robotc is a commercial Integrated development environment targeted towards students that is used to program and control LEGO EV3, VEX, LEGO NXT,RCX, and Arduino robots using a programming language based on the ANSI C programming language. It allows users to move a code from one platform to another with little or no change in code.


  • Has a debugging feature.
  • Uses text-based commands, commonly contrasted with NXT-G, a graphical language also for the NXT.
  • Has several tutorials designed to help users learn the programming language.
  • Is intended for simple to advanced programs.
  • Requires custom firmware in order to run.
  • Intelligent compiler identifies and helps correct common syntax errors .

Benefits of using ROBOTC

  • Uses the industry standard C-programming language. Additional language extensions specifically for robotic use.
  • Modern Windows GUI with standard visual interface.
  • The only solution with fully integrated software debugger allowing users to step line by line through program execution and analysis of all variables.
  • Additional debugging tools allow the user to see the real time states of all motors and sensor. These are viewed as your program is running; not as a separate application!
  • Single solution works for both VEX Cortex and VEX PIC. No need to purchase two different applications.
  • Over 100 Sample Programs with extensive documentation so students and hobbyists can get started learning how to program
  • Advanced source code editor with smart indenting, automatic code competition and a tabbed interface to allow multiple program to be open at the same time
  • Free webinars, video tutorials, community forums, detailed help files, and curriculum provided by Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Academy.
  • ROBOTC skills easily transitions into use of professional tools used by engineers. Not a dead end skill for VEX only!
  • ROBOTC has the same form and feel, often even the same command names, as professional tools used on other systems.


Useful Sources


The official ROBOTC website. If you need to download the programs or look for information regarding the programs, this website is the right place.

ROBOTC Website


This PDF file explains the basics of programming for ROBOTC. If you are interested in programming a VEX robot but have no knowledge on how, this manual has everything you need to know, starting with the basics.



The official ROBOTC forum. If you need help from other users for information regarding the program, you can receive help from them right here.


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The ROBOTC Wiki can answer your questions right away. If you have any problems or concerns regarding ROBOTC, this site can provide you with quick answers and summaries.



Download Robotc right here!

Download RobotC