FLL Competition 2015 Resources




We found this great resource on www.youtube.com from STAMPS Learning which is an FLL team. They are a group of high school students from the Bay Area in California. Their goal is to inspire other people to become more interested in Science, Technology, And Math Problem Solving (STAMPS).  They were a First Lego League Team for five years. STAMPS was created to encourage people of all ages to be interested in STEM related topics.  They talk about everything for the FLL competition.  Programming, Presentation, Building robot parts, Costumes, Core Values, Innovative Solution, etc.  It has pretty much an explanation about everything there is in an FLL competition.  All the information is about the 2015 FLL “Trash Trek” but it is easy adaptable to this 2016 competition.

This is the link to the youtube channel.

The STAMPS Learning team also has a webpage with very good videos about how to use the LEGO kit parts and how some mechanisms can be done.  Again take advantage of this exciting team and the great information they are sharing with you all!  Great example of Gracious Professionalism and Coopertition!





Another great resource is the following set of videos by Builderdude35.  He is a terrific kid that loves to build NXT and EV3 MINDSTORMS creations and posts weekly EV3/FLL tutorials.  Check them out they are great tutorials for tips for the FLL competition.  We saw the series of 3 videos that show you how to line square an FLL Robot with color sensors.

Click here for the link.