NEW Resources added for following a line for the EV3!!! Look for them at the bottom of the page!!! We started with basic videos for beginners and it builds as you get closer to the end. The last two videos on this page are very good which show how to program to follow a line and how to follow a wall!

EV3 Core Set Whats in the Box

How to Build a Robot

  EV3 Software Overview           

  EV3 Motor Blocks       

Programming Quick Start Guide

Videos about Sensors

< h2 style=”text-align: center;”>EV3 Color Sensor

EV3 Touch Sensors

Gyro Sensor

Ultrasonic Sensor

 Lego Mind-storm similar to robot maze

How to setup Bluetooth with an IPAD

How to use the Ultrasonic Sensor o Detect the Object while multi-tasking

Smooth Lego EV3 Line-Follower + Code-Screenshot in HD

EV3 line following robot

This is a link to a website with tutorials for setting up a line follower and lesson about how
to write code on an EV3 to follow a line. Great resource click on the following link
Click here for the resources!!

Mindstorms EV3 Tutorial #5: Use the ultrasonic sensor to follow a wall by Kevin Briggs

Mindstorms EV3 Tutorial #6: Use the color sensor to follow a line by Kevin Briggs

How to Make an Effective EV3 Line Follower in 2 Minutes! by Builderdude35