FTC Programming


2015 Season the FTC Programming changed!! We have know two options JAVA or MIT App Inventor.

Here is the links for FIRST on how to download and install App Inventor and/or Android Studio from the Programming Resouces page.


FIRST TECH CHALLENGE programming resources.http://www.firstinspires.org/resource-library/ftc/technology-information-and-resources

androidstudio-logo app-inventorlogo

Here we found on youtube.com these 3 great videos to start learning Java Android Studio to create our robot program.  Please look at the 3 videos and it explains perfectly how to create a simple program to control two motors with the joystick and the ZTE phones.  It does not explain too much in detail the installation of the phones but I think it covers what is needed to initialize the  configuration.  In the third video it explains towards the end how to program servos.  We would like to thank FTC Team 9779 “PIEEaters” for taking the time to create this excellent resource for those of us that are still growing our teams and we are not there yet on creating videos.  Again is for beginners and has vocabulary that makes learning more in depth specially if you have no experience in java.

Here are the links

1)FTC Robotics Help – Beginner Programming -part 1 – Java for FTC Robotics  by FTC Team 9779 PIEaters

2)FTC Robotics Help – Beginner Programming – part 2 – Get Running by FTC Team 9779 PIEaters

3)FTC Robotics Help – Beginner Programming – part 3 – Use the gamepad and servos  by FTC Team 9779 PIEaters


4)Here is pdf file that explains the FTC-Java Programming by Eric Weber from FRC: 1322, FTC:5954&7032

5)Here is a link to Swerve Robotics FTC Tutorials:Basic Autonomous Program great resource to make functions/methods to simplify your robot movements