Vex Programming Controllers

Cortex Micro controller and Vex net Joystick Pairing Procedure:

a. The Joystick must first be paired to the Cortex Micro controller before they will work using the Vex net Keys. Pairing requires a USB A-A Cable and a VEX 7.2V Battery. This process must be completed each time you use a Joystick or Cortex with a new mate. A Joystick can only communicate with a Cortex that it has been paired with. During the Pairing Process, the ID from the Cortex is transferred to the Joystick; thus mating the two units together.


b.Start with the Cortex and Joystick turned OFF.
c.Connect the Cortex to the Joystick using a USB A-A Cable.
d.Connect the 7.2V Robot Battery to the Cortex.
e.Power up only the Cortex.
f.A successful tether is indicated by a Solid Green Vex net LED on both the Joystick and the Cortex.
–The Solid Green Vex net LED must remain ON both units at the same time for a minimum of 5 seconds.
–Disregard the other LEDs as you are only interested in the Vex net LED.
–Pairing may take up to one minute to complete

g.Once the units have finished pairing, turn OFF the Cortex.

h.Disconnect the USB A-A Cable from both units.

i.Disconnect the 7.2V Robot Battery from the Cortex.