Benefits of a Robotics Team

The benefits of forming a robotics team are endless.  Here is a list of the top reasons why it is beneficial to start or continue to grow a robotics team.

Benefits of joining a robotics teamrobotics%20logo



Students have to work together to brainstorm on ideas on how they will build a robot to perform all the mechanisms needed for the competition.  In addition teams can design buttons, t shirts, banners, team webpage, flags, etc.


Students draft using CAD the robot and then build it using different materials and learning how to use tools.  This is a hands on experience is like no other one and you finally see how things learned in class can be applied to real life.



Calculations are needed before you build any of the mechanisms of the robot.  This part is essential to building a successful robot where numbers and calculations using formulas give you the information you need to build the mechanisms and to have a high rate of making something that will work.

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Students vote to pick the leaders of every department every school year.  This is the first experience of being in charge of other people and what it takes to become a good leader.   Every member of the team experiences it since we mentor elementary and middle school on their competitions, plus our summer camps and our camp at the local library.


Students are in charge of many resources that the team has to offer.  Materials, time to prepare for a competition, tasks that must be completed by every department and in general the organization skills that must be in place to become good at what we do.


Students must learn to work together to become a team.  A robotics team demands that we work together, all the departments and help each other all the time.


Students brainstorm on how to raise funds for our competitions and for the money needed throughout the school year.  We create budgets for every competition and then we start to fundraise to get the funds needed.


Before we start building our robot, the team needs to read and understand the entire manual.  Then the whole team brainstorm on possible solutions and on which mechanisms we need to work on to build and reach the goals needed for the competition.


Students gain experience in a highly used field that is in high demand in today’s world.  The software used in the robots varies with every competition and most competitions have more than one programming language available for students to use.



Students give many presentations throughout the school year.  In the competitions to the judges, in the summer camps to other students, at workshops to teachers. Students gain social skills with all the activities the team does in our school and communities and become a well rounded individual, humble and ready to serve and volunteer and see the real world’s definition of community.



Students work together with other schools and make more friends which have similar interests as we do.  You get to visit universities as well as companies to see what you will be doing in your future career.  You will become part of the robotics family that basically it is world wide.  Locally you will get to know students that you will see again when you graduate from our high school and see again in college.


The list goes on and on.  The benefits are endless on forming a robotics team and that’s why we think it is essential that every school at all levels compete in these types of competitions.  We will be more than happy to sit and talk to people interested in starting a team or help teams that are formed already.  Here is a list of words of what a robotics team does and it will be a work in progress.

Programming,  social skills, design t shirts, design banners, design buttons, team spirit, mascot, engineering, math, science, technology, computers, code, wiring, electronics, mechanical, architecture, melting, cutting, threads, bolts, screws, c-channels, joysticks, engineering notebooks, organizational skills, competitions, friends, teamwork, presentations, community, camps, gracious professionalism, webpage, emails, photographs, social media, communicational skills, fundraising, marketing, Computer Aided Drafting(CAD), traveling, strategy, leadership, reading, writing, art, hard work, meet new persons often, leaders, inspire, motivated, safety, tools, machines, materials,etc.